BEAUTY Business Summit Hawaii 2018


Make Learning Your Competitive Advantage.

Start compounding your knowledge.

Register now for this 2 day business, marketing, and leadership  intensive designed to grow your business and enrich your life.

The Summit is held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. Create a retreat experience with a morning meditation, tai chi, or yoga on the beach. Start your day with a spectacular sunrise or an invigorating hike before the Summit begins.

Successful beauty professionals share one powerful trait:

Thirst for knowledge. And just like you, their deep desire for personal and professional growth has driven them to seek out conferences and seminars with the greatest impact. They hunger to find the most effective resources and connect with the best coaches and mentors in the industry to help them achieve and maintain their edge in today’s marketplace.

You’re invited to a global gathering.

An exclusive event for world class beauty professionals who stay committed to advancing their own personal and business development so they can continue having a positive impact on the world around them.

What You Will Learn

  • Achieve leadership skills that will challenge the way you currently think and operate your business.
  • Close the gap from where you are today to where you want to be with your business.
  • Discover blind spots that stop you from fulfilling your true potential.
  • Gain more affluent clients and increase business profits.
  • Learn five ways to double your productivity in business and life. 
  • Discover marketing ideas to increase sales and accelerate business growth.
  • Meet future partners, connect with influencers, and build lasting relationships with your peers.
  • Leave the Summit feeling empowered, with a clear direction to move your beauty business forward.

For the first time ever, the greatest minds in the beauty industry come together to share their wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration with you for two days….
on the beautiful island of Oahu!

Here is the best part...

This is a pro-impact event. That means 100% of the proceeds from this event will be gifted to a beauty school dedicated to making the biggest impact in their community and in the beauty industry as a whole.

So, not only do you get to bring your beauty business to the next level of excellence by attending - your ticket helps the future of our incredible industry. 


Why not mix business with pleasure and stay a couple extra days to explore Hawaii? Aloha!

In order to double your income you must triple your learning rate

Keynote Speaker Lineup

Dr. CC Cameron, MBA, PhD
Leadership Consultant & Author

Impact Through Leadership Presence

Liz Steffen
Owner of Vanilla Sugar Face & Body

Owning Leadership

Malinda McHenry
Esthetic Professor/Director Of School  Lira Clinical

Create A Profitable Beauty School 

Linda Bertaut
Transformation Specialist / Esthetician / Reiki Master

Your Life Matters to Me - Learn How to Save a Life

Becky Kuehn

CEO & Founder of Oncology Spa Solutions

The Power of Touch - Your First Language

Mary Ronnow
Founder of The Skin Institute Internationalé

How to Attract Premium Clients

Brooke Lea Wood
Graphic Designer & Developer

How to Bring Your Brand to Life

Tony Picciano
Founder / CEO of Neurotris

Understanding Microcurrent: Increase Your Bottom Line With NeurotriS

Kirsten Foss
Spa & Wellness Industry Coach

Beauty Business Leadership: 5 Ways to Activate Your Innovation + Growth

Daniela Woerner
Aesthetican / Spa Sales Specialist/ Consultant/ Author/ Speaker

Retail Selling with Confidence 

Maxine Drake
Author/Speaker/Esthetician Business Academy

How To Become More Productive in Business and in Life

Adeena Wagner
Esthetician/Owner of Poema Skincare / Business & Mindset Coach.

The method and mindset of owning your success

The VIP Experience

Exclusive seating in the VIP section by the stage
Special Invitation to our Appreciation Party on October 14th at 6pm

Access to our Beauty Experience Section during breaks
Catered breakfast both days with speakers in the Beauty Connection Lounge
Catered lunch both days with speakers in the Beauty Connection Lounge
Catered dinner both days with speakers in the Beauty Connection Lounge
Receive special offers and VIP Swag!

One complimentary professional headshot
Access to the private Beauty Business Summit Facebook group community
Event ticket proceeds will be gifted forward to a beauty school - details to come

General Admission

General seating just behind the VIP section

Catered lunch both days
Access to the private Beauty Business Summit FB community
Event ticket proceeds will be gifted to a beauty school- details to come.

Who is the Beauty Business Summit for

  • check
    All licensed beauty professionals/Managers/Salon owners/Students/Beauty School owners 
  • check
    Believes in investing in themselves both personally and professionally
  • check
    Values advanced business education and being around like-minded individuals
  • check
    Desires to make long lasting, positive changes in their business   
  • check
    Wants to grow their business to the next level of excellence
  • check
    Wants to improve sales and marketing skills to increase profits across the board
  • check
    Is a thought leader and wants to make a difference in the Beauty Industry
  • check
    Wants to build a deeper connection with industry peers and leaders
  • check
    Is an innovator who loves to be inspired with fresh ideas
  • check
    Enjoys travel and Hawaii is on their bucket list of places to experience

The Beauty Business Summit is not like traditional beauty conferences. 

While there are several Beauty Industry Trade shows that offer a lot to the beauty professional, The Beauty Business Summit is unlike any trade show or conference. There are no vendors. No hard selling from the stage. No booths.

The Beauty Business Summit mission is designed to deliver education that will expand your brain and fill your soul. We want you to enjoy the learning experience and have the ability to mingle with peers, build lasting relationships, and rub elbows with the keynote speakers, while submerging yourself in the aloha spirit. 

We want you return home feeling empowered, energized, and renewed so that you can hit the ground running with new ideas to grow your beauty business to new levels.

This is a pro-impact event. 100% of proceeds will be gifted to a beauty school in need. The Beauty Business Summit is the first event with thought leaders behind the mission to elevate the Beauty Industry by gifting a substantial sum to a beauty school who is dedicated to making the greatest impact in their community and the biggest change to their educational platform to improve learning.

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We will gift a beauty school $10,000 on October 15, 2018 ~ will you be there?