2020 Beauty Business Summit

together, we can Build A Better Future For Beauty Schools

the Beauty Business Summit has a Two part Mission:

To provide leadership, business, and marketing education so beauty industry professionals can build, grow, and scale their business.

Pay it forward to a beauty school dedicated to making the greatest impact in their community and in the beauty industry as a whole. The Beauty Business Summit rewards leadership within schools.

Seeking Beauty Schools Who Want To Create Positive Change 

It's super simple to apply! Your 3-minute video should convey the following:

  1.  State why you need $10,000. What positive change will you make to your educational platform or curriculum with the grant money? Be specific.
  2. How will these efforts/changes affect your community? 
  3. What will these positive changes do for the beauty industry as a whole?

Do you have your Summit ticket?

Tickets to the Beauty Business Summit are still available! Not only will you receive rock-solid strategies to help you grow and sustain your beauty business, but you'll gain leadership and business skills, inspiration, and swag!

See you in St. Pete Beach, Florida!

together, we can build
a better future for Our beauty schools