2023 Beauty Business Summit
Schedule Of Events 

  • day 1
  • day 2

Monday, March 20, 2023

Dress code: Wear BBS theme colors for a magical bonding and photo experience. Aqua, turquoise, ocean blue, sea green, or teal. Anything in the “blue” color family. It makes a fabulous group photo! Solid colors are even better. Blue symbolizes the “human spirit”. It is also the color of the 5th chakra (throat chakra) which represents the ability to speak and communicate clearly and effectively.

**** Wear your badge at all times in order to gain entry into the meeting spaces and meals.

7:00 am - 8:00 am

Registration opens for all attendees in the King Charles room on the 5th Floor. Receive your badge and swag!

7:00 am - 8:00 am

VIP Breakfast is held on the South Terrace and is reserved for VIP attendees only.

8:15 am

Welcome Ceremony with Maxine Drake | Set Your Intentions for a fabulous day of learning 

8:30 am

Raise Your Vibration with Michelle Valeri - Let’s begin by jump-starting your body, mind, and spirit. Feeling energized and having a clear head, will allow you to better absorb all of the amazing education coming your way while sparking inspiration and ideas.

8:45 am

Maxine Drake - How to Creatively Crush Economic and Business Uncertainty

9:30 am

Joyce Brinton - Three Unique Ways To Get Your Positive Energy Back and Gain More Clients

10:15 am

Networking break | Mingle, make new friends, and enjoy a coffee. Conversations with positive people are priceless.

10:35 am

Special Guest Speaker - Mike Michalowicz - How To Make Any Business Highly Profitable By The Very Next Deposit.

12:05 pm

VIP Group Photo with Mike Michalowicz. Get your Profit First book signed by Mike!

12:30 pm

Lunch on the South Terrace overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy a catered lunch with ALL attendees and speakers. Mingle, break bread, and enjoy rich conversations.

1:45 pm

David Valenzuela - Sustain Varying Economic Environments with a Focused Business Model

2:30 pm

Michelle Valeri - Standout From Your Competition And Avoid The BS

3:15 pm

Afternoon Networking Break. Grab a coffee, mingle, and make new friends.

3:45 pm

Barbara Devlin - Revive Your Esthetics Business By Creating Lifetime Clients - Pave Your Way To Profitability

4:30 pm

Fun Announcement! Be in your seats to participate!

4:45 pm

Meet the five beauty business owner finalists for their chance to win the $10,000 Beauty Business Summit ™ Leadership Grant! The audience votes!

Voting criteria:

  1. Owners who demonstrate exceptional leadership.
  2.  Owners who demonstrate making the biggest impact in their business, local community, and industry with their winnings. 

5:30 pm

BBS Attendee Group Photo, Esthetician Inner Circle™Group photo, Empowered Esthetician Mastermind™ Group Photo (location will be announced!) Be sure to wear BBS branding colors for a fabulous photo! (Anything in the teal, aqua, sea green, or turquoise family)

6:15 pm

VIP Catered Dinner with speakers on the South Terrace (5th floor). VIP badge is required to gain access.

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