...with generous hearts who believe in the mission of the Beauty Business Summit. 

Each one of us can make a difference, but together we can make change.

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Our sponsors are the major contributors for the Beauty School Grant which will be gifted to a winning school on October 6-7, 2019 in Clearwater, Florida.


Founder of Herbal Skin Solutions 

Herbal Skin Solutions & The Aesthetics Academy

With the value of the global anti-aging market expected to balloon north of 300 billion in the next four years* and natural wellness trends continuing to drive a wave of change for the skin care industry, now more than ever, licensed estheticians and skin care professionals need to expand the breadth of their knowledge and services.

That’s why at Herbal Skin Solutions, we’re devoted to helping you stay on the forefront of the aesthetic industry by providing a range of exceptional natural products and devices allowing you to deliver cost-efficient, natural, anti-aging treatments to your clients and patients.

Founder, Rose Laudisio

XO8 Cosmeceuticals

"I believe the success of our industry lies in the hands of those who educate our future professionals. Hearing that roughly 60% of beauty schools have closed since 2009 is disheartening and it's important to bring these facts to light so that we may work toward a solution. The overall quality of education is rapidly diminishing, and I strongly believe we must do something about it - not only to protect the integrity of our industry, but to protect those who ultimately receive our services.

The Beauty Business Summit is a unique, educational, pro-impact event that will change the face of the beauty industry and I am proud to support Maxine Drake and her mission to gift a worthy beauty school dedicated to making positive changes for our industry. Good luck to the winning school.”
- Rose Laudisio

Esthetic Educator, Stephanie Laynes

stephanie laynes

"When I was invited to look at the Beauty Business Summit hosted by Maxine Drake earlier this year, I was excited to see a different way of gathering like-minded Estheticians. 

After speaking with Maxine about her vision and goal for this event, we both quickly realized that we are kindred spirits when it comes to esthetic education. 

I’m proud to be able to sponsor the Beauty Business Summit for years to come.” 
-Stephanie Laynes